Information Technology and Business Innovation

We envision feasible innovative business and technology, then we incubate the projects in-house.
After the research and development and having the products and services operational, we spin off the business development to new global companies with full intellectual property and know how along with investing partners.
We also perform on demand Consulting, Advising, RFP, R&D&O.
We are looking globally for investing/networking/managing partners.

Innovation Cycle

  • Information Technology and Business Vision
  • In House product design, incubation, Research and Development
  • Spin Off Business Operation to companies based on Global or Local Partners



  • 30+ years background record
  • Global Culture
  • Seasoned Staff
  • Proven results in NASA, USA, Germany, Italy, LATAM, etc

Innovating in

  • Mobilty
    • Secure Mobile Communications
    • Mobile Transactions
    • Mobile and Web Gambling and Gaming
    • GPS
  • GPS
    • LBS
    • MLBS
    • AVL and Mobile Phones
  • VoIP
    • Mobile
    • Secure
  • Wireless Triple Play on Free Bands Internet/Telephony/TV/GPS
  • Virtual World, Internet
    • Defense
    • Intelligence and Counter Intelligence
    • Search Engines
  • Special Projects
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Others